oaxaca city & huatulco

I knew we would love Oaxaca since planning this trip, but actually being here surpassed all of my expectations. Oaxaca is definitely the food, art, and cultural epicenter of Mexico.

turkey 2015

Here’s a recap of our first Christmas as newlyweds. My in-laws kindly invited us to visit Turkey with them–of course we were excited! While there, we visited in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Ephesus.


Our honeymoon was an absolute blast! While it was over a year ago, I still wanted to recap it for the blog. We stayed in Mexico City for 6 days, and then rented a car and drove to Tula, Vera Cruz, and Hidalgo.

our story & wedding recap

I have been wanting to write down our story of how we met, became friends, started dating, and eventually got married, because I realized neither of us has written it down. So here goes!

here we go

Hi there! My name is Audrey. I’m a newly married 20-something living with my husband in Guatemala at the moment.