anniversary celebration

We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary (okay, it was August 26th, so I am just a little bit late on writing about this!). This was before we moved to Boston and before I started my graduate program (I guess that’s a valid excuse for posting so late, right?), so we headed down to West Hartford to grab pizza and dessert. It was so fun! I took the time to get dressed up & felt very fancy.

I can’t believe we’ve been married 3 years already! Last year, we celebrated our anniversary by traveling to Mexico. You can read about that here and here. And during our 1 year anniversary, we had just moved to Guatemala which you can read about here!

Jon and I were just talking about how even though we were still living in Guatemala until January of this year, it feels like we were living there 10 years ago. It just feels so far away from our life right now (and I honestly can’t believe we lived there for just under 2 years—like we really did that?!). I got the job back in May of 2016 and just said to Jon, “So…do want to move to Guatemala? Can we do that?”. I do hope we get to live abroad again, and it was such a great experience for us to do so at the beginning of our marriage.

So for our 3rd anniversary, we got pizza and then ice cream at Milk Craft in West Hartford. It is seriously probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had! We got the milk and cereal option. I’ve never tasted vanilla cream ice cream like that before. It was delicious! Some photos below.


We got pizza at Frank Pepe’s and it was fantastic. Jon and I both love the flat crust pizza style. We also got a white clam pizza since that’s what they are famous for, but I honestly liked the tomato basil one better.


I asked some teenage girls to take our photo and told them it was our anniversary. They immediately said, “AWWWW that’s so sweet!” Haha. Teenagers are always the best to ask to snap a photo.


Our waffle cone at Milk Craft. The waffle cone with the cream ice cream made an out-of-this-world dessert.

EA0301E2-EAE7-4976-884D-A92810A422D6 (1)

I got all dressed up so I felt that it merited a photo. I don’t look like this every day, people!


We’re finally feeling a little more settled in Boston now. I hope to post a few photos soon! Jon is working for a startup here, and I’m in the midst of my program, job, and an internship. We have been a little overwhelmed with all the newness and business but I’m finally feeling like I’m getting caught up on everything in my life. We are very happy here!

We also went to Philadelphia last weekend! It was for a work conference I attended. I’ll write about it soon.


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