cape cod part 1

It’s been almost a month since we got back from our trip to Cape Cod has a family (ah!). I guess that’s what happens when you move and begin school. I wanted to write some of it down before I forget, so here goes!

Growing up, my family would rent a house on the Cape most summers. It was something I really looked forward to all year, and I have such good memories of being on the beach with family & friends. I hadn’t been to Cape Cod in about 9 years (since I graduated high school!) so it was really fun to revisit some old traditions this summer.

We stayed in Chatham with my family which was great. We went to a couple of different beaches, biked the Cape Cod Rail Trail, and got fried seafood. It was a great way to relax before our move to Boston.



Me and my cute sister. She started her freshman year of college and I began a grad school program! I wish our schools were closer so we could hang out more often. We kept joking that we wish we could have started school together (but really, could we?!).



It was overcast for the first day but then it cleared up! This was the day we biked the Cape Cod Rail Trail so it was actually nice to have some clouds.



Getting all of our bikes ready! I love being outside with the family.




With my mom! To know her is to love her.


This was one of our days at the beach in Chatham. About 20 minutes after this picture, a huge storm came through. They evacuated the beach for a while! But it passed and we were able to go back out.


Sunset at the beach. I love the colors, it was gorgeous to watch.







With my handsome date to everything.


I took this picture to re-create one of my mom and sister from around 2002. She was a baby then! Now she’s just slightly taller than me.


We had a bonfire on Coast Guard Beach, which is one of my favorite traditions! We got all of the fixins’ for smores and then my whole family proceeded to say they don’t like smores. I don’t think I’m related to them, haha. Jon and I downed about 5 smores each, and my sister-in-law had some too. In-laws for the win on this one.






One thing I loved about this night was that we could see the WHOLE sky! We got to see all of the constellations and the Milky Way. It was pretty magical.

It was also fun to see the plankton at night – they actually sparkle under your feet if you get close to the water. I thought it was really neat!

Part 2 to come soon!


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