our first trip to oregon

Back in May, Jon and I took a trip out to Corvallis, Oregon. (I was looking at a grad school program at OSU, which we ultimately decided to turn down, but I’m really glad we took the trip to see what it was like.) I had never been to the Pacific Northwest and was very excited to see what all the hype was about. It is absolutely gorgeous! I hope we get to go back to actually explore the PNW. It’s very green like it is here in New England, but has a completely different feel from the quaint, colonial feeling here in MA. Needless to say, we did love it.

While there, we got to explore downtown Corvallis, which has a ton of cute shops and restaurants. I noticed that everyone there seemed to be friendly and chatty, which isn’t something you find here in MA very often. Even though we were only there for one day, I really enjoyed exploring and getting a feel for Oregon. We hope to go back soon!



I felt very much dressed like a Bostonian. I probably should have worn my Birkenstocks… 😉


One hour it was raining……


……and the next it was completely sunny! Ha!

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We had lunch at a burrito joint in downtown Corvallis, and it was surprisingly good! It was fun to explore this part of the country with Jon. Although we are headed to Boston in the Fall instead of Oregon, I’m so glad we took the time to come out here. Hasta la próxima!


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