4th of july festivities

We celebrated the 4th of July last week with my family! On the 3rd, we went to see James Taylor at Tanglewood. This is a family favorite tradition during this time of year. It’s an outdoor concert where he plays into the night until the fireworks begin. I absolutely love going with my family.

On the 4th, we woke up, packed the kayaks and headed back out to the Berkshires. We stayed by the lake all day, swam, got ice cream, and ate Indian food together (probably the only Americans that ate Indian on the 4th, haha). It was a perfect way to celebrate together as a family.


My handsome date to Tanglewood to see James Taylor.


I found these Jarritos at Tanglewood! We love getting these in Mexico and had them at our wedding.



The gorgeous sunset at Tanglewood.


On the 4th at the Lake in the Berkshires. It was a gorgeous 90-degree day and the water felt perfect.




We stayed until the sun set and then drove home. It was a perfect, relaxed way to spend the day. I love being outdoors on the 4th.


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