barbeque in guatemala

Today Jon and I went to Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ and man–it did not disappoint! I grew up eating great BBQ because my grandparents are from Arkansas, and this meal definitely reminded me of visiting them. My Mimi is one incredible cook. We had BBQ chicken, pulled pork sandwiches (a BBQ must), coleslaw, green beans, navy beans with bacon, corn on the cob, and garlic bread. Not to mention the BBQ sauces. We had Caroline style, sweet, and another smoky sauce. Holy yum. It was so much food I only ate about 1/3 of my plate before asking for a box to go and eating the rest for dinner–true southern portions!

Also, does thinking about Carolina BBQ sauce remind anyone else of this song?

In other good news, it’s been rainy all week and we woke up this Saturday to a gorgeous, sunny sky. Don’t you love it when that happens? I hopped out of bed, cleaned our kitchen while Jon did the laundry, and then we headed out for the day. I am definitely a creature of the sun and feel much more motivated to get things done when it’s bright blue skies out. Plus, everything is so green because it’s rainy season. Win, win.







It looks like I ate nothing, but I ate a ton! And hardly put a dent in it. Haha.


It’s smokey because of the BBQ–it was bright and clear out! The whole place smelled delicious.




Self-timer photo before we headed out. Thanks for being a good sport, Jon.


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