Yesterday, Jon and I went up to Sololá, the main city hub by where we live. You pass Sololá on the way from Guatemala City to Panajachel, and it feels much bigger and busier than Panajachel. I had to go up to get an x-ray on my foot (from an injury before moving to Guatemala). We took our scooter there and it was quite the adventure. While it is only about 20 minutes away, it is all up hill and we were afraid our scooter wouldn’t make it. Fortunately, we made it and only had to hop off and walk once!

Once we were up there, we saw that there was some kind of rodeo/horse event going on. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but it was fun to watch. I never know when these kinds of things will be going on in Guatemala, but they seem to happen all the time.

On the way down, we had a gorgeous view of the lake and volcanoes. We stopped at this waterfall area where tourists and Guatemalans alike stop to take photos. I have passed that place a million times in buses and trucks and never had the chance to stop and be around the waterfall. It was really beautiful! We bought some coconut baked goods from this nice man and then he offered to take our photo since it would be “un bonito recuerdo” or a nice memory. He did a great job crouching down to capture us and the waterfall! Haha. It was nice to be out and about together on a sunny Saturday.





Jon finally got a hair and beard cut! You can’t really see in the photo, but it’s a lot shorter. His beard is no longer hobo status, so I’m happy about that.






Panajachel from above!

One thing I am excited about–Jon and I just planned our 2-year anniversary trip/visa run to Mexico! We will be flying to Cancún and heading down to Tulum for a few days, then leaving to see Coba, Chichen Itza, and Ek’ Balam. And of course, we will see a bunch of cenotes and probably go to the beach. I am so excited to visit the Yucatán! Jon has been there a few times but I haven’t, so I’m excited to go and explore together. We will be leaving August 24th and I can’t wait! This will be our fourth trip to Mexico as a married couple. I guess you could say we think Mexico is alright. Other trips we have taken to Mexico include our honeymoon to Mexico City, our trip to Oaxaca, and most recently our trip to San Cristóbal.




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