the in-between moments

Jon and I have shared some important life-changing moments together, from our first date, to when he proposed (and a lot of things that came in between that), to our wedding day and honeymoon. We’ve traveled together, lived in a Latin American country together, gotten crazy sick together, missed flights together, eaten countless meals together and watched way too many hours of Netflix together (more than I would care to admit).

But when I think about my favorite moments with Jon, the ones that make our relationship great, I have to say they are the quiet, day-to-day, in-between moments. When we see each other at the end of the day and chat about how it went. Or when he drives me to work on our scooter and says “let me know if you need anything today” (and actually means it). Or those few hours when we got engaged before we let anyone else know, and savored the moment just between the two of us. Or all of the plane rides and buses we’ve taken together and kept each other company just by being next to each other.

I love the in-between moments when the world is quiet of all chatter except our own. It’s what keeps me going when I feel overwhelmed and down, and what makes the mundane daily things seem bearable and exciting.

Right before we started dating a few years ago, Jon took me to a Julieta Venegas concert in Salt Lake City. I remember before she began her song Los Momentos, she talked about her inspiration for the song was thinking not about the big, momentous events that happen in our life, but the small, daily moments in between all of those things. These are the moments that give life meaning, and I’m so happy to spend those moments with Jon.


From a friend’s wedding in summer 2015.


I don’t remember what was going on in here but I love it.



Also, if you haven’t listened to Julieta Venegas, she’s my absolute favorite singer/songwriter and you should check her out. That is if Mexican alternative is your thing.


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