rain, rain

We are officially in rainy season here in Guatemala. I’ve decided I have a love/hate relationship with the rainy season. On the one hand, I love being cozy at home when you can hear the soothing drops against the roof at night. It’s nice when you’re inside with some candles after a hot shower, snuggled up under the sheets and watching a show. I also love how green and lush everything is–the earth feels alive after 6 months of the dry, sunny season. On the other hand, I don’t love riding home on the scooter with Jon and walking in the door soaking wet from the ride. I also don’t love not seeing the sun very often. Lately, it’s been raining all day, and while I love the green, I’d also like to have some sunlight once in a while.

That being said, I’ve been playing with my camera and taking some photos with the rainy, moody light. I love the mist and fog that settles on the mountain side across from our house. It reminds me of the soft rain from our wedding day, and how misty the mountains were at our reception. So there’s that.

I’m going to try and enjoy the rainy season before this next dry season as much as I can. It definitely has it’s own kind of unique beauty. I was talking to one of our drivers one day at work a few weeks ago. He asked me if I liked the rainy season. I told him I did, but only if I could be inside, because it’s a pain to have to work outside and get wet. I then asked him if he liked it. He said that he loved the rain–it was comforting and gave everything life. I liked this perspective, and thought that it must be comforting for people here to know that there will be 6 months of rain to grow food and have water.

I’ll try and remember this next time I walk in the door sopping wet.







This is our clothesline. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to do laundry during this season…


Here are some photos of these gorgeous flowers my friends from work brought to our house.






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