hiking volcán san pedro

Today Jon and I crossed the lake to San Pedro to hike the volcano! This is one of the “must-do” things on the lake, so we were excited to climb it.

We woke up early and took the 7am boat over to San Pedro. We began our hike around 8:30am and it was absolutely gorgeous! The hike begins up a rock path and goes through some cornfields. It is honestly crazy that people can harvest that far up a volcano side.

We got to see two lookout points before hitting the jungle and walking up a ton of stairs. I’ve done some intense and long hikes (looking at you, Mt. Timpanogos), but this one was difficult because of how steep it was! Like, there were almost no switchbacks. Stairs straight up to the top.

When we got to the top, I was not expecting us to be as high up as we were! That may sound weird, but Jon and I both said we experienced the same thing. We were definitely above the clouds. It was a breathtaking view.

The hike down was a brutal because of how steep it was. But it was worth it to see the view from the top! I highly recommend this hike to anyone visiting the Lake Atitlán area.





This was the volcano we hiked!



From the first lookout point.


From the second lookout point. There was a tire swing up here, which I thought was crazy and totally unsafe. Jon and I kept laughing about it!


The jungle. This went on forever!


The view from the top. So beautiful!





Above the clouds! Or at least at the same level, haha.


We highly recommend this hike, although we may be a bit sore tomorrow!


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