my sister’s wedding

My sister Abigail had the most beautiful wedding in San Diego. She and Thomas got married on December 3, 2016, so I thought I would do a small recap of it. Jon and I flew up from Guatemala, and it worked out well because we needed to renew our visas that month. I am also glad she didn’t get married in Massachusetts in December… we were more than happy to visit sunny San Diego!

It was really great to see all of our family, friends, and extended family there. We also got to see my mother-in-law who flew in from Massachusetts.

The few days before the wedding were hectic running around to get everything done. My mom did a fantastic job of buying all of the frames, family friends printed their bridals and engagement photos, and we got the house we rented ready for the reception.

The day before the wedding, Abigail and Thomas had a beach-side taco luncheon for extended family and friends to meet. We got to see family we hadn’t seen since our own wedding, along with our close friends Jill and Sampo who drove down from LA.

The day of the wedding was perfect. It was so sweet to see my sister and new brother-in-law so happy together. Not to mention the fact that he has the sweetest family! We had a great time getting to know them.

Before the reception began, my dad performed a ring ceremony for Abigail and Tom. He gave a very eloquent speech and afterwards introduced guests to the reception. I remember feeling overwhelmed at our wedding by how many people traveled from all over the country to attend, and I definitely felt similarly at Abigail’s wedding. We had a blast at the reception eating great food, visiting and catching up with family, and watching the sunset over the ocean.

One of the highlights for me was getting to have a first dance with my dad. We didn’t have dancing at our wedding (Jon preferred not to and…marriage is all about compromise!) so it was really special after Abigail danced with my dad that I got to. It was also really thoughtful of my sister to offer me a first dance with my dad.

The day after the wedding, my dad stayed with Jon and I in San Diego (our flight wasn’t until Sunday night). We got to visit Balboa Park and eat some great Vietnamese food. It was really nice to spend some time with him, and it made me want to visit San Diego again! All in all it, was a perfect wedding weekend.


How beautiful does my sister look?!


20161203-1123 (1)





20161203-235 (1)



20161203-1509 (1)



Love my siblings.


Our adopted 4th sister, Jill. 😉




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