welcome to guatemala

Here’s a little recap of our time so far in Guatemala. We live in a small house on the side of a mountain. We recently got some chickens and a small scooter so we can get into town and around the lake. Our next door neighbor has the best dog ever, named Bentley. Now that we are settled here, we are starting to love it!

It’s been a really interesting experience living here so far. Panajachel is a mix of hippy gringos, NGO workers, Ladinos, and Indigenous Maya. A diverse mix of people when you think about it. I think at first it bothered us how touristy it is, but now that we are settled, we have been enjoying it. The view of Lake Atitl├ín is definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I never get tired of the volcanoes or the clear blue water.

I think I’d like to write a longer post at some point about the NGO that I’m working for, Mayan Families, and what it’s like to participate in international development (the good and the bad…) but for now I’ll just leave it at this. We are really loving it, and it feels more like home every day.

We celebrated our first-anniversary last month by taking a boat over to San Marcos, one of the other towns on the lake. It was really nice! We got a great meal of pizza and tapas.

The picture of the white flower with pink stripes is a flower Jon bought and planted for me. He’s sweet.

Here are some photos, and again these are iPhone photos, so I apologize for the quality! I’ll have to bring my nice Canon around so I can take some decent pictures of the lake.



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